My name is Michael Thorpe, but most people call me Mike!

I am excited about this journey of financial freedom because I truly believe “Money Needs A Boss”.  When it comes to talking about Money, Getting out of Debt, Investments, Living on a Budget, and believing you can achieve anything, then I am your Guy!

Money is one of those things that keep us rising each day to travel back and forth to work and it gives us the freedom to purchase things we so desire. It gives us the ability to; indulge in traveling excursions from time to time, to purchase the desires of our heart, and don’t forget it allows us to pay bills. But how many of you actually plan for your retirement, map out your vacations and save for a rainy day? My journey began when I was in my early 20’s, focusing on how I could change my life and my lifestyle for my future. I was focused, determined and succeeded in this area of having control of my money at a young age and not allowing my money to have control over me. I have successfully helped many others get out of debt, build emergency funds, save for retirement and create a wonderful nest egg.

When It comes to talking about money, I am living proof that you can make your money problems go away and create a journey that represents freedom. Your stories of success or problems with money are based on your behaviors with money.  I am sure with a few tweaks and dedication, you can start to experience huge success with your life and money.

If you are ready to “Get Serious” about changing your money and how you spend and invest, then don’t hesitate to make the right decision.  Call me!!